cot bed vs toddler bed Cot bed vs toddler bed

Some children are ready to make the transition from crib to cot at the age of months and from cot to bed at the age of 2 years. For others, the cot can offer cozy, comfort until almost age four. Here are some of the circumstances that might facilitate making this change: Your child wants to change and asks to change. Your child physically outgrows his or her cot. You are expecting another baby and need the cot and want to reuse the cot mattress. The cot becomes worn out and needs to be replaced.

Your child consistently attempts to climb out of the cot. If your little one is happy, safe and comfortable in a cot, forcing this change on him or her is an unnecessary stress. It is certainly something that should not be done all at once.

If your child always knows that someday, he or she will be making the change to a big bed, your task will be easy. Here are six habits you can build into your everyday routine to help your child become accustomed to the idea of the switch. While your toddler is still a baby in the cot, establish a bedtime ritual that you can carry forward throughout childhood.

Having a familiar, nightly routine will make the change from cot to bed much easier. Look for bedtime stories about the transition from cot to bed. Reading these at bedtime can help your child achieve the mindset necessary for a successful transition.

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  • If you are expecting a new baby, focus on the transition early in your pregnancy so that your toddler will be well established in his or her new bed by the time the new baby arrives.

    Build enthusiasm by taking your child on shopping trips to look at beds and bedding. Encouraging your little one to choose furnishings and bedding is a great way to ensure a smooth and happy transition. Instead, allow and encourage growth and readiness to occur naturally.

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    Your child is sure to exhibit some fear and insecurity around this change. This is natural and reasonable. Be empathetic and understanding about his or her fears and help your child work through this difficult time by sharing your own experiences with change. How big should the new bed be? If your child can still sleep comfortably on a cot-sized bed but wants more autonomy, a toddler bed is a nice, affordable option that allows you to continue to use your existing cot mattress.

    This solution can also make bedtime more comfortable for you as you will be able to sit or lie next to your child at bedtime for stories and snuggling. Talk this over with your child and help him or her make the appropriate decision.

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  • Replacing the cot with a bed while your child is away at his or her first day at day care or preschool is a very bad idea! Here are some steps to take to help your child make this transition safely and smoothly. Allow your child to focus on and conquer one change at a time. If your child is very attached to the cot, you may wish to leave it in the room for some time. This will help your child feel comfortable at bedtime. This is a safety feature that will help your child become familiar with the new circumstance while preventing tripping and falling hazards.

    This will help the new bed feel safe and familiar.

    cot bed vs toddler bed Cot bed vs toddler bed

    Be sure the new bed is safe. It should not be too high, and having safety rails in place is a good idea. Without them, your child could roll out of bed or get stuck between the mattress and the wall. Toddler proof the room. Once the new bed is in place, you will still have a month or so of transition time to deal with. Your little one will surely test his or her ability to pop out of bed at will.

    We would love to hear it, so please feel free to leave a comment below. We just moved him straight from cot to bed.

    When this happens, simply pop the little jack-in-the-box back into bed without a lot of comment. Too much reaction on your part will only reinforce the unwanted behavior. Successful transition depends on you!

    And not only does it look stylish, the Leander is truly value for money too! If your toddler's bedding has been washed in strongly scented washing powder or fabric conditioner, make sure it's been well aired first.

    A successful transition from crib to cot and to bed is dependent on good observation and preparation on your part.



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