tutti bambini cot bed used Tutti bambini cot bed used

Nothing beats the feeling of being close to your newborn in those early days, and this crib allows you to do so.

tutti bambini cot bed used Tutti bambini cot bed used

One stand-out feature was the shelf, perfect for storing nappies and muslins for easy access in the middle of the night. The only downside our mum testers found was that it was wood effect, not wood, which is not as environmentally friendly or sustainable.

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  • Having them sleep next to you makes it convenient to breastfeed, cuddle and offer them reassurance. The CoZee Crib attaches easily to your bed, with a stay in place connection system and a six step height adjuster, so you can set the crib to the perfect height. The incline option can also be used to raise aid congestion and reflux. The crib can also be used as a standalone crib anywhere in your home and with a breathable mesh window, you have full visibility of your baby as they sleep.

    Complete with a comfortable and breathable foam mattress, the CoZee Bedside Crib features a washable fabric lining to keep your little one's sleeping environment clean at all times and a handy storage shelf to keep their essentials stored away neatly.

    Would you recommend this to other mums? I would recommend the CoZee because it is stylish, comfy for baby and very safe. Once you have put it up once, it is easy to take down and reassemble without having to look at the instructions.

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    It is easy to clean, has a tilt feature for when babies have reflux and comes with a storage bag with a padded strap for carrying it around.

    The crib is sturdy and wobbles less than other similar products on the market! How did this product make your life easier? The lining can be completely unzipped, making cleaning the inside very easy. In general, assembly is also so quick that I can do it myself, single-handedly. Baby is safe and comfortable right next to me and I enjoy being able to watch my little one sleep.

    Would you choose this product to win? I think that I would choose the Tutti Bambini CoZee bedside crib over others, as the mattress is much softer and comfier than other bedside cribs.

    It is easy to fold away into the handy carry bag and also the shelf is a very useful addition to an already brilliant crib! What changes would you make to this product? If I were to change one thing about this product, it would be to swap the wood-effect plastic for real, unvarnished sustainable wood.

    It would make the whole cot more sturdy, stylish and luxurious, as well as being much better for the environment. I would recommend this product because I love being able to choose if I want to use it as a bedside crib or a standalone crib. It is so multi-functional and I like that it is large enough to use until baby is able to sit on their own — it lasts much longer than a Moses basket! It is very easy to pack away and the lining is easily removable for washing.

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  • It is very easy to put together and the shelf is a useful feature. I think it looks great in the room! I think that I would choose it over others as it is nice to look at, very sturdy, easy to use and comfortable for baby.

    The shelf can be used to store extra nappies or baby clothes — very convenient! There is not much I would change about this bedside crib, perhaps just that it could be made out of wood rather than plastic. This would be better for the environment. I would recommend this side cot because it is very lightweight, so you can easily use it for travelling. The bed is very cosy and our baby no longer wakes up in the night, now that he is sleeping in it! Once baby is old enough, you can close the side of the crib to make it more stand-alone, which acts as a great transition from crib to cot.

    The storage shelf is also great for putting teddy bears, muslins and extra nappies. This product is definitely easy on the eye, which I love! I love that it straps securely to our bed, easing my mind, and that I have full access to baby without even having to get out of bed myself. Yes, due to the simplicity of the design and how easy it was to assemble and store.

    The bed is very soft and can be used in three different ways side bed crib, cot or travel cot.

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  • The balance between price and quality is excellent and it is overall cosy, comfy and safe — all that I would ask for! I recommend the Tutti Bambini CoZee because it is so stylish and very comfy.

    The lining can be removed for washing and it is great for taking away on holiday as there is no need for an extra travel cot.

    The way the legs flip around into the crib self when folding is brilliant. It means that there is very little to assemble, which really appeals to mums! Baby is right next to me all the time, easing my mind, and there is no need to get out of bed to soothe or feed. Baby sleeps better as the mattress is so soft and comfortable. Yes, I love how easy it is to assemble!

    The other cribs I have used have been really fiddly, but this one assembled quickly and then remained sturdy due to the wide angle of the legs. It takes up very little space when storing too. I would love for the wood-effect plastic to be replaced with real wood. The plastic feels cheaper and is very bad for the environment.

    tutti bambini cot bed used Tutti bambini cot bed used

    Especially for babies with reflux and you are able to tilt this crib with ease. It folds down easily so I can take it out and about with me, meaning baby settles quicker, being used to the familiar environment. It is a decent size so will grow with your baby and last longer than a Moses basket. The tilt function makes life easier as it is much safer than using a pillow or propping up the crib with something, to allow it to be at a slanted angle.

    It wins the silver award for the second year in a row, and stood out from the crowd with its rocking mode, 6 height levels and tilting function — great for helping with reflux. It is also great if you are planning to travel, as it folds down so easily. Effectively, you're lying next to your baby, but you're not sharing bed coverings.

    It is also great if you are planning to travel, as it folds down so easily. I like the way it looks too. Also, the crib is not able to be rocked. However, I do think it is very good quality and would recommend it for numerous other reasons! Whilst this product is good, there are others that have some really great features that this crib lacks. The most important for me is being able to rock the crib as my baby sometimes struggles to get to sleep and the motion really helps.



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