space saver cot bedding Space saver cot bedding

Carry bag Any added accessories to buy? How easy is it to put up and down?

space saver cot bedding Space saver cot bedding

The process is idiot-proof, with little instruction needed. You simply unzip the carry bag, take it out and pull the two ends away from each other.

The cot unfolds itself, like the space satellites it is modelled on. The foldable mattress is in the bottom already, so your baby could go from car seat to cot within seconds and hopefully stay asleep during the transition. Putting it back down is equally smooth. You press clips on the top hinges on either side, pop a foot under a bottom hinge and push the ends together.

It slips back into the bag easily. It fitted perfectly between the double bed and wardrobes in the master bedroom, and we could collapse it between uses so the room had space for getting dressed. Watch how to fold and unfold the SpaceCot How portable is it? This depends on what you are looking for. The ease and speed of use, along with the handy carry bag, make it ideal for moving around the house and garden.

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  • Both sets of grandparents keep travel cots at their houses for when we visit but they often stay erected in the spare rooms year-round because they are awkward to put up and down.

    This cot would allow them to free up that space between visits — indeed, between naps. On the downside, it is very big when collapsed — 81cm x 12cm x 60cm. While it fitted in the boot of our two-door Seat Ibiza, it took up almost the entire base and everything else had to be packed on top — not ideal if you arrive at your destination late and want to get baby in bed before unpacking the car.

    Taking it by train is pretty much out of the question. The handles of the carry bag are also surprisingly short so it cannot be slung over a shoulder. In comparison, the Nuna Sena is 10kg and the Joie Excursion a whopping 15kg. But the shape when folded and the short carry bag strap make it awkward for transporting, meaning a heavier cot may actually be easy to travel with.

    The bassinet attachment adds extra weight if you are taking that too. The 81cm x 96cm x 60cm size when up is roomy and sturdy enough for comfortable sleeping without being intrusive — ideal if you are staying in a spare room, caravan or even a decent sized tent.

    Plus the quick fold means you can close it up between naps and night time — a real plus if space is at a premium. But the 81cm x 12cm x 60cm when collapsed is far too big.

    I was quite eager to get back to normality, in terms of my sleeping situation. The yarn is from Greece, from Cotton grown locally and ginned and spun by United Textiles, who are currently applying for Fairtrade status. Place the cots away from curtain cords and other cords or ropes in which babies could get tangled.

    It was also impossible to find a place to store it out of the way in our cosy two-bedroom flat. The only options would be under a bed or normal cot, or on top of wardrobes, but ours are already in use.

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    How does the bassinet work with the travel cot? The bassinet is suitable for up to 6 months old and simply slips over the top frame of the cot. We used bassinet fittings on bigger travel cots while staying with family when Ralph was younger and would use our Sleepyhead in them.

    While this cot is more compact, it would still house a Sleepyhead or similar bed nest.

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  • How comfortable is it for your little one? Although he awoke at 4. Our next outing was staying at a caravan in West Wales for a couple of days. He slept well on both nights and napped happily too. Does it double as a playpen?

    Yes, albeit a little compact for children 12 months and older. But it would have been a Godsend in the months prior, for leaving him to play while making a loo stop or cooking.

    Do not use rolled towels, foam wedges, or other objects between their heads. Wardrobe Features and Benefits: Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a postage method to your location.

    Who would the product be most useful for? Parents or grandparents looking for a convenient second cot and playpen option, rather than regular travellers. Your essential guide to holidays with a baby or toddler Is it value for money?

    space saver cot bedding Space saver cot bedding

    Admittedly you can get cheaper options but these generally need to be left up if you are using them regularly and that can take up valuable space. The SpaceCot is easy to use, light and sturdy, with good longevity and both bassinet and playpen functions.

    But it was not the travel cot for us. What you gain from ease of use, you lose in portability. Something as simple as a longer strap on the carry bag could make a huge difference.

    To my mind, the novelty of putting it up in three seconds as opposed to a couple of minutes at most for a bargain basement Red Kite or smaller fold BabyBjorn the carrybag is almost half as long is not worth the lack of travel versatility.



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