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I am in the service of Mr.

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On Tuesday, the 2nd of February, I was going towards Hanwell, between nine and ten o'clock at night—I had occasion to go by the church, path, and saw a man standing by the old house—it was the prisoner—he said nothing to me as I went—I returned about ten minutes before ten, and as I passed under the arch of the railway station, he said, "It is a snowy night"—I said, "Yes, sir," and walked on till I got to the wooden swing gate—he seized hold of the gate, to prevent my passing through—I got through, and he said, "Would you like a good rolling in the snow, my dear?

Carr's cottage, it being the nearest—he swore at me dreadfully, gave me a violent blow on my back, and pushed me through the gate—the blow, I afterwards found, cut my clothes through—I saw a small dark thing in his hand, what it was I don't know, but my dress on the right hand side was cut and torn—the cut was a small notch—and then it was torn, I think, in pulling; but my things were cut through the back as well—he then walked alongside the iron fence, and turned and watched me—I had never seen him before that night—I have not a doubt of his identity at all.

It was a hard snowy night, was it not? It was a snowy night—the ground was snowy—it did not snow above—it did not snow while I was walking—I was not out more than twenty-five See original minutes altogether—Mr. Carr's cottage is not far from the gate—I went through the gate, but I was afraid to turn my back to him—I went along the path to Mr. Carr's cottage—he walked along the iron fence by the road I was on. Had you any money with you? I am a policeman. On the night of the 2nd of February, I was informed of the attack made on the prosecutrix, and I went to examine the place, about the iron gate—it was a snowy night, and close to the gate there was every appearance of a struggle having taken place—there were footmarks of two persons, and I could tell by them it had been a struggle between a man and a female—I traced the footmarks of the woman close to Mr.

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  • Carr's cottage, and the man's across the fields towards Greenford. Which gate did you examine? The iron swing gate—it was a very heavy snowy night—I received information about eleven o'clock—it was snowing when I left the station—it had been snowing some time—where the struggle was, the snow was scattered about.

    This was seven or eight days after the attack? You knew where he was to be found, why not take him till Wednesday week? The female being confined to her bed from the ill-treatment she received. I am cook to Mr.

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  • On the 2nd of February the prosecutrix came home—she was very frightened, and ill, and two nights afterwards she had a medical attendant,' and was laid up very ill. Witnesses for the Defence. It was on the Wednesday week you heard of his being taken up, was it not? Did he look ill? He did—he complained of illness when I said it was a severe night. I am waiter occasionally at the Duke of York public-house, at Hanwell.

    I was not waiter there on Tuesday, the 2nd of February—I saw the prisoner there that night in the tap-room—he was there when I went in, about seven o'clock or a little after—I stopped till about half-past ten or twenty minutes to eleven o'clock—I knew the time, as I always look at the clock as I go out—I am in the habit of putting the shutters up about that time—the prisoner was there then, and I went home with him about that time—I went to his door, and saw him go in with his father-in-law and brother-in-law—he appeared ill, and in the tap-room he shifted from one side to the other, that he might lay down—I know it was the 2nd of February, as it was the first day there was a job at the Asylum, and I went to do it—it was to move some concrete and stuff out of the gas-house—I heard of his being in custody the day he was taken, but did not hear of his being before the Magistrate till afterwards.

    He seemed very faint and ill, did he? He seemed very bad—he laid with his legs up on the form—I did not see him have any supper at the house—I cannot say whether he took any beer, but he said he could not take much as he was so ill—I was once charged with assaulting a person—I do not remember how long ago it was—I do not take account of such things.

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    Was that for waylaying a poor girl at midnight, who shrieked "Murder," and brought a policeman to her aid? Yes—it was false—I thought no more of it after I suffered for it—I was committed for fourteen days to the House of Correction—I forget when it happened—it is not a year ago—I cannot say whether it was six months or three months. This was for an assault, not a robbery? No, nothing but an assault. I am a labourer, and live at Hanwell—I am the prisoner's brother-in-law.

    I was at the Duke of York public-house on Tuesday See original evening, the 2nd of February, just before eight o'clock, and saw the prisoner there—I continued there till half-past ten or twenty minutes to eleven o'clock—I could see the clock as I came out in the passage—the prisoner and my father came out with me and Bradford—I went home with him—I live in the same house with him—he was very ill—he might have gone out for a minute or two while I was at the public-house, but not to leave the premises—he could not have gone to the churchyard—I heard he was taken on the same day, but did not know what for—I knew when he was going before the Magistrate, but did not go there—it is about three-quarters of a mile from where I live—I had no work that day—he could not recollect himself where he was at the time.

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  • Did you not inquire what he was taken for? No; we found out afterwards—we could not recollect ourselves at the time—he was at the public house at the time of the robbery, not confined to his own house.

    Now, have you ever represented that he was in his own house at eight o'clock that night? No; nor said he sat.

    All thase Four substantial Messuages ar Dwelling- House? Get your hands dirty and join the enthusiastic archaeologist volunteers on the Main Lawn for a hands-on session, introducing you to the world beneath your feet.

    When might he go to the doctor? On Monday, but I cannot say whether he did—I positively swear I never said to the policeman what I have been asked—I said, "Barton has got no hat here"—he said, "He told me he had"—I said, "There is my hat on the table, you can take that if you think proper. I am a general waiter at the Duke of York public-house. I saw the prisoner there on Tuesday night, the 2nd of February—I first saw him there about eight o'clock, or five or ten minutes after—I staid there till half-past ten o'clock—I looked at the clock when I went out, as I generally do—I left the prisoner there—Rowland, Rimel, and Haines, the other ostler, were there—the other ostler had been away ill—I know this was the 2nd of February, for I went to Brentford that day for a pair of driving gloves for Rowland, the ostler.

    When did you hear of his being apprehended? The night he was taken—I first mentioneil this when his father-in-law asked if I was in the tap-room when he was there—I said, "Yes"—I do not know whether he had seen me there—I saw him—the prisoner was sitting down in the tap-room when I first went in—he laid up part of the time, not being well—I did not see him drink—I was taken up three or four months ago for robbing the Great Western Railway Company, and fined 15s.

    This deposition is signed by me—it was read to me before I signed it, and is correct. Did you see Rimel? Yes—he told me the prisoner was at home on the night of the 2nd of February from eight o'clock—he said he was sitting in the house where he lives before eight o'clock, that he was on one side of the fire, and Burton on the other with his child, and about a quarter to nine o'clock, or it might be nine or a little after, the wife and him turned up to bed with the child on the prisoner's arms—he said this was on the night of the attack.

    Why did you go to the house? I went to let them know he was wanted; and they wanted to know what he was taken for—I asked if he had got a hat—there was a hat there—Rimel said, "There is mine, take it if you want one.



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