portable cot bed camping Portable cot bed camping

Best Camping Cot Brands There is no question a cot for camping is a heavier, bulkier option as compared to a sleeping bag or air mattress. So why would you even consider one? For me anyway is the fact that you are off the ground. Being somewhat elevated makes it more like being at home and makes for a more comfortable nights sleep.

It also has the added advantage of being cooler in the hot weather of summer. The extra airflow being elevated will make for a better nights sleep. There is one other huge advantage, when you get home from camping, the cot can be used for at home for guests. Size Too often camping cots are poorly designed and lead to terrible sleeping situations. Nothing is more bothersome than sleeping with your legs tucked in all night or hanging off the end of the cot!

So be sure to check the length and width dimensions of the cot. Make sure there is a few inches to spare, especially if other people will be using it. Consider the height of the cot as well. A higher cot will give you the additional benefit of having extra storage under the cot. In a small tent this is a huge benefit of using a cot. Many camping cots also come with storage pockets and even side tables. The last thing you want is your shoulders laying on the frame.

It will make for a miserable night. Weight Two critical factors to consider with weight are: Some cots are made of ultralight materials to help lighten the carrying load of the cot. This is nice for carrying and storing more cots with less effort. However, lightweight materials sometimes sacrifice durability.

Fabric Strength The cot fabric is an important consideration.

portable cot bed camping Portable cot bed camping

The higher the Denier the better the quality and strength of the fabric. The minimum you should look for is D, unfortunately not all manufacturers tell you the Denier of the material so you will have to trust their weight rating.

This type of material resists tearing better than ordinary fabric and will last you much longer. Frame A quality frame is probably your most important consideration. A cheap frame that breaks or collapses is useless.

If the fabric tears you can always repair or replace it. If the frame breaks its useless and you will end up throwing it out.

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  • The main difference will be the thickness of the frame and the joints. The Byer of Main Easy Cot reviewed above is your best bet for a cot that is easy to setup and take down. Weather Consider the weather you intend to be camping in. Because cots are most often designed with thin fabric as a sleeping surface, this leaves room for convective cooling.

    Cold air moving under the cot can suck away body heat. For cold weather camping an insulated cot, a sleeping pad or sleeping bag is advised when cot camping.

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    Make sure to take along warm clothing to sleep in like a merino base layer for cold weather camping — even when sleeping on a cot. Price Of course we all want to save money, but sometimes saving on a cot can mean disaster. Cheaper cots can often be flimsy, fragile, or too short and narrow to comfortable sleep on.

    Most folding cots come with a simple carrying bag with shoulder straps that come in handy during transportation. Coleman comes out on top here.

    Of course there are good deal to be had but be sure to check cheaper cots before purchasing. Camping cots come in a WIDE range of prices. Like most things, you will be better served by buying quality cot vs a cheap budget one.

    These cots are even marketed as a viable option for backpackers. They are puncture, abrasion and cold resistant apart from being waterproof. Inflatable toddler beds are easy to use.

    They are several reasonably priced, quality camping cots available. If you plan of using it frequently or use oi for guests, be sure to buy one that can accommodate your needs. Most cots for camping fold into themselves to save space.

    To keep the cots out of sight and mind at home, check your basement, attic, closet, or other storage space for adequate room before purchasing your cot. Accessories Cots now come with a variety of accessories for you to consider and some of them are definitely worth considering.

    Side table for drinks or your phone.

    portable cot bed camping Portable cot bed camping

    Do I need a camping cot? There are a few reasons to consider a camping cot. First if you are camping in a rocky place you will sleep much better being elevated off the ground in a comfortable cot.

    They can also help keep the bugs off you vs laying on the ground. Even if you close up the tent, bugs always seem to find a way in! What are cots made of and which is best for me?

    All of the cots on our list are made from nylon, polyester or canvas. You will better off choosing one from a synthetic material like nylon because it is extremely tough and durable. Synthetics like nylon and polyester also tend to last longer and easier and also dry faster should they get wet. Are camping cots hard to assemble? Modern camping cots are usually very simple to assemble requiring few if any tools. Will I have room for a cot in my tent?

    To make sure you do it is best to measure your tent then when ordering your cot you know much room you have. You can then take the measurements of the cots and see if it will fit or how many you can fit. If you determine that they will not, you may have to go with a larger family size tent. Are camping cots heavy? All of the camping cots on our list have aluminum frames which are lightweight and strong. The avg cot weighs between pounds depending on its size and construction.

    Either way, camping cots are not designed for trekking into the backcountry. There you will need to go with a traditional sleeping bag and pad. Can I use the cot in my house? They are not just for camping, they are perfect to keep in your house for guests.

    While certainly not as comfortable as a bed, it sure beats sleeping on the floor! Are camping cots portable? Almost all camping cots come with a storage bag and have a shoulder strap so you can easily transport it from the car or RV to the campsite.

    What considerations are there for buying a cot? You need to consider how you will be camping and for how long. Size and weight will determine where you will store it when you are not using it. If you need to carry your cot a longer distance from your car to the campsite then look for a lighter cot with a carry strap.

    Also consider if you will be sleeping with someone so you can purchase a double size camping cot to sleep two. Remember to choose a cot based on your needs. Will you be car camping? Using the cot in a spare bedroom? Do you like to spread out when you sleep? These questions are all critical to making a good cot selection choice. Best Camping Cot Brands There are quite a few quality manufactures of camping cots on the market.

    No coincidence they are all in this article: Coleman — Perhaps the best known maker of camping equipment. While not always the best quality, their equipent is always reasonably priced.

    Teton — Teton is no doubt one of the best manufactures of all types of outdoor equipment. Byer of Maine — A small family owned company in Maine that make high quality cots and hammocks. Kamp Rite — Another small company that make a small line of camping gear like stoves, cots and tents. I hope this guide was helpful for finding the best camping cot to fit your needs.

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