jamestown cot bed screws Jamestown cot bed screws

You can replace assembly instruction with other keywords such as a manual. This is how you can search for replacement parts.

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The double quotation marks are useful for brands that have two or more words. It forces Google to search for the exact words inside the quotation marks.

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    Thanks for your support! Check out this post for 'Crib Hardware: Finding Replacement Parts and Assembly Instructions.

    jamestown cot bed screws Jamestown cot bed screws

    The same may not hold true for imported baby cribs. Before contacting the manufacturer asking for the crib hardware, ensure that you have the following info at your hand… The number or the name of the piece that you need. If you are not sure what is the piece called, take a photo and email to them.

    jamestown cot bed screws Jamestown cot bed screws

    The model number and possibly the date of manufacture so that they can help you better. Finding the name of the manufacturer and baby crib model should not be too hard.

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  • Usually, you find it along the crib frame. Even if the model is not specified, so as long as you know the manufacturer, they should be able to identify it. Alternatively, you can refer to the list above for the majority of the baby crib brands contact info. Do you know that drop-side baby crib killed more than 30 infants and toddlers in the past decade? Therefore, on June , the U.

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  • This can create gaps where babies can got stuck and injured them or worst strangled and cause death. A drop-side baby crib is dangerous for your child. If the conversion kit is not suitable for your child crib, then you might want to contact Product America if they can customize a fixed-side kit for you.

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