cot bed rail guards Cot bed rail guards

She currently sleeps in a cot that has had the side taken off to create a toddler bed. She moves around a lot in her sleep and in her current bed we have a rolled up blanket on the edge to keep her from falling out at night.

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  • It still happens sometimes though! The single bed that we have for her is much taller than her cot bed and a bit taller than a standard single bed as it has a storage cupboard underneath to one side and room for large boxes on the other.

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  • Because the sleeping space is so much higher up, I worry that my girl is going to hurt herself if she were to roll or fall out of bed at night. The bed rail that we have is this one from Summer Infant.

    One thing that I do highly recommend though when in the caravan and when at home too is the baby sleeping bags like the gro-bags designs. I actually struggled with the hide away feature and tore the underside of my toddlers mattress but if you can get it to work then I certainly understand the appeal of it.

    The bed rail comes flat packed in a box and at first it might look a bit daunting because there are quite a lot of pieces to fit together to build it. An even easier way to be guided, is to watch this instruction video as you build your bed rail and just follow each step at the same time as the person in the video.

    cot bed rail guards Cot bed rail guards

    It only takes a couple of minutes to build and watching someone else do it first or at the same time is so helpful. You simply lift up your mattress and adjust the bed rail width to fit the size of your bed. It fits mattresses between 70cm and 90cm which is cot bed size to single bed size. Then you put your mattress back down and it holds the bed rail in place as in the picture above.

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    My daughter seems to really like it too — I think it makes her feel secure. We also like that it has a mesh window which is breathable and also means that you can see through it.

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  • To fold it down, your press the large buttons on both sides and simply fold it down until it clicks into place. You do the same but in the other direction to fold it back up.

    I want to know the weight as im thinking of taking it away on holiday From: Some cots are designed to convert easily into a cot bed when the time is right, often through the use of an additional kit comprising of side rails. Adjustable guard rails are available which fit between the bed base and mattress to Prevent Falls , converting a bed into a form of cot with low sides.

    We also have a shelf next to the bed that we like to keep there. If your bed is not by a wall, you can get a double bed rail that has a mesh panel on both sides. Buy yours from Amazon.

    cot bed rail guards Cot bed rail guards

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