cot bed bumpers safety Cot bed bumpers safety
haxby cot bed oak

Nice to have but not a necessity although they look extremely pretty. A good carry cot or pram will probably last longer and be easier to clean. Very much a personal preference. If you do buy a Moses basket ensure it conforms to the safety standard and if you buy second hand remember to buy a new mattress.

Drop sides can make it easier to get baby in and out. With any cot you must make sure: If you buy second hand be sure to buy a new mattress. They can protect your baby from bumping his head on the side of the cot, getting his arms and legs stuck outside the bars and to help keep out draughts. They are not recommended for small babies as they restrict air circulation around the cot. Be careful of fringes and ribbons etc.

cot bed bumpers safety Cot bed bumpers safety

Ensure that they are washable. It is important that the mattress fits correctly into the cot as there are lots of different sizes i. You must make sure the mattress is always clean, dry and well aired following accidents. It is not recommended to use the mattress for more than one child.

If you feel crib bumpers are safe, they can be used when your baby is 6 months old and beyond. Mirrors are to keep the children entertained while awake in the bed. It started swelling which made it even harder to dislodge.

A top sheet and at least one blanket depending on time of year are then needed. You will need quite a few sets of sheets as they need changing after accidents and these can be quite frequent. Duvets are not recommended for babies of less than one year.

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  • You can economise by cutting up a sheet to make several cot sheets. Cellular blankets are probably the most useful because they are light and warm. More expensive versions can include movement and heat sensors and video in extreme cases!

    Can be mains powered or battery powered or rechargeable.

    cot bed bumpers safety Cot bed bumpers safety

    You can make any battery powered monitor into a rechargeable one by using rechargeable batteries from any other device. If your home is small you will probably hear your baby crying without a monitor. Also worth noting that many breastfeeding mothers will wake instinctively when their baby cries, even at night.

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  • Often worth waiting to see if you will actually make use of it before you buy. Often split into too cold, just right and too warm rather than just the temperatures. Often given away as free gifts or can be purchased from any baby shop.

    Probably not worth using unless baby does become distressed as this could cause problems later on.

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