3 sided cot bed 3 sided cot bed

To help them sleep soundly throughout the night.

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  • We have taken our experience in natural mattress fibres and latex to create the perfect hypoallergenic cot mattress. This cot mattress offers your newborn baby the firmer support they will need during their infancy blended with incredible natural breathable fibres.

    This ensures a temperature controlled nights sleep where your baby is supported and comforted where they need it.

    Standards for infant beds have been specified in Australia and New Zealand, [7] Europe, [8] the United States [9] and internationally. Users will often seek it out at other times too, to relax or play — a place to feel safe in.

    This cot mattress comes with a 5 year guarantee. The latex coating provides a more responsive and progressive support for the coir.

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    Coconut fibre is incredibly tough yet highly elastic so can provide excellent rebound properties especially for mattresses. This mattress is suitable for up to a year-old child not exceeding 16kg in weight. Comfort Layers This cot mattress is upholstered with Natural lambswool.

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  • Wools main benefit is that it is incredibly breathable allowing it to wick away both moisture and increases in temperature when it is placed against say a warmer sleeper. It has the opposite effect when it is cold, of helping to trap warm air and release heat against a colder body.

    As wool is a durable material it also lasts for years compared to synthetic fibres which can break down relatively quickly when flattened. Upholstery Layers Our Natural Cot mattress features a GSM coir and latex support layer which gives little sleepers a firm but progressive support. This is then topped with GSM on each side, of pure lambs wool. This gives a soft and breathable comfort layer perfect for delicate sleepers.

    3 sided cot bed 3 sided cot bed

    The mattress then features a water resistant and hair proof internal cover. So if any accidents occur it protects the core mattress from damage.

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    Adding a final soft layer to the mattress. This is machine washable at 60degrees. We also supply an additional external cover to assist when changing the mattress. We find parents find having a spare cover a god send! It is a fully turnable cot mattress meaning you can use both sides.

    3 sided cot bed 3 sided cot bed



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