cot bed mattress john lewis Cot bed mattress john lewis
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Sleep Mattresses have become so technological — some are even based on research from the US space agency NASA — that they now sometimes go by the name 'sleep systems'.

Don't go for the cheaper option when it comes to getting a new mattress Credit: Vi-Spring Cheap mattresses also need replacing more often, perhaps as frequently as every two years.

cot bed mattress john lewis Cot bed mattress john lewis

For most other people, they will simply be uncomfortable, particularly for lighter women, creating shoulder pain and pins and needles sensations. Of course, many suppliers sell combination mattresses with different tensions on either side, catering for couples with greatly varying weights. Always remember to lie down on a mattress in the showroom and ask for professional advice Lucy Benham, John Lewis Others sell two mattresses zipped together, a technique much improved on the old days, making it now almost impossible to tell that there is a divide.

With spring mattresses, the firmness is largely dictated by the number of springs. High-quality mattresses such as Vi-Spring, such as the superb double model, will often have soft cotton and lamb's wool to enhance the springs; the very best will have horsehair filling, which breathes well and acts like more tiny springs.

Vi-Spring offer a comfort promise — try the mattress for up to 90 days, if need be, they will replace it with a softer or harder one.

Tempur , a manufacturer of memory foam mattresses using material developed at NASA to relieve g-force pressures during space launches, offers a night free trial.

But remember, they do need replacing for each new baby that comes along, to reduce the risk of SIDS. What type of baby mattress is safe? Height adjustable base This allows you to alter the height as your baby grows, keeping him or her secure from a little baby to when he or she can pull themselves up to stand.

Tempur The viscoelastic foam is designed to eliminate pressure points by spreading body weight evenly. Although good mattresses are expensive, they are surely worth it for health and happiness, even if it means making savings elsewhere. If so, the mattress needs urgent replacement.

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  • Tufted ones, which look like they have buttons going through them, are better as this means the filling is contained to avoid it moving around. Good stitching around the sides indicates that the springs are contained in pockets, which will be much more effective than open spring mattresses. At a glance How to choose the right mattress size "But always remember to lie down on a mattress in the showroom and ask for professional advice.

    Choosing a new mattress is a very important decision indeed.

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    A poor base will make even the most expensive mattress uncomfortable. Divan or upholstered ones are best for spring mattresses as the springs in both components complement each other. Memory foam mattresses are better if you have only a wooden slatted base. To gauge the right tension for you, lie on the mattress in the showroom, and push your hand under the small of your back.

    If there is a large gap, the mattress is too soft, no gap at all, then it's too firm. Just being able to pass your hand through suggests that the tension is spot on. Getting the right mattress ensures a good nights sleep for you and your partner Credit: This will impair your and your partner's sleep. A good mattress will reduce turning to 17 times a night. A too-hard mattress makes the body do the work, rather than the bed.

    The shoulder and hips cannot sink into the mattress, so they curve towards each other, resulting in a bent and stressed spine. A too-soft mattress lets the body sink into a hammock position, causing hips and shoulders to pinch in, the spine to curve and putting pressure on joints and muscles.

    cot bed mattress john lewis Cot bed mattress john lewis

    Numbness and tingling can follow. The best spring mattresses tend to be pocket-sprung, where each individual spring is kept separate to respond to pressure from your body.

    Five of the best mattresses 1. Vispring wembury superb small double mattress Made from British fleece wool, cotton and horsehair to added breathability, this Vispring mattress is guaranteed to give you a comfortable night's sleep.

    Tempur Contour Supreme 21 memory foam firm king size mattress The NASA developed Tempur material works to redistribute body weight and reduce pressure points while you sleep.

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  • The supportive foam layer also cradles the body throughout the night, making sure you achieve optimum relaxation. The mattress is fitted with a gel infused foam to provide pressure relief, body support, and breathability - giving you the best environment to ensure a good night's sleep. It is also made from a unique blend of fillings, including:

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