cot bed duvet tog 9 Cot bed duvet tog 9

Tog ratings What do tog ratings mean? Essentially, a tog rating is a gauge of how warm your duvet will be, based on the thermal effectiveness of its filling and, therefore, its ability to retain warm air. The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet will be.

A lighter duvet will be much more appropriate during a warm summer, for example, but which specific tog rating will suit best? Filling materials and weight It is worth bearing in mind that duvets filled with natural materials can achieve higher tog ratings using less filling than their synthetic counterparts.

cot bed duvet tog 9 Cot bed duvet tog 9

Tog suggestions by season Everybody is different, so there is no hard and fast rule as to which duvet will be most suitable for a particular person in any given season but, as a guideline, we would suggest for adults: During the cold winter however, the two separate duvets can be joined back-to-back to one another using snap studs, creating a toasty Besides the risk of overheating, there is a chance that they might pull the duvet over their head, panicking them and impeding them from freeing themselves.

If you are still concerned that your baby is not warm enough at night, wrapping them in an extra blanket or investing in a purpose-made baby sleeping bag are both safer alternatives than prematurely providing them with a quilt or duvet. Toddlers and children under 10 years When choosing a duvet for children under the age of ten years, the most important thing to remember is the same duvet will provide more warmth for them than it will you.

It is always more advisable to give children a blanket over the foot of their bed,which they can pull up if cold, than a duvet of an overly high tog rating that will make them too hot and uncomfortable.

Children over 10 years For children past the age of ten years, a higher tog-rated duvet — Pillow buying guide Washing and drying pillows Hollowfibre-filled pillows are the most practical choice for regular washing as they dry out more quickly and easily than pillows filled with natural materials.

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For this reason, we recommend taking naturally filled pillows to a professional laundry for both washing and drying. To wash pillows effectively, they should have the maximum available space to circulate in the water — either by using a large capacity machine or washing just one pillow at a time.

Actual colours may slightly vary from the pictures Delivery: Last night when DS woke, my husband lifted the mattress up and tucked loads more of the duvet under the mattress - I find this hard to do when changing the bed on my own so this may be a new job for DH! With natural duvets, check that the filling is contained in separate chambers to ensure even distribution.

Simple pillow upkeep To prolong the life and comfortableness of your pillows, we recommend plumping them on a daily basis so they retain their original shape. A brief spell in a tumble dryer — say minutes, once a week — will help to keep your pillows fresh and fluffy, and kill any latent dust mites.

cot bed duvet tog 9 Cot bed duvet tog 9

Pillow protectors provide a simple means of keeping your pillows clean. They are easily removable and much more practical to wash than the pillows themselves.

Lockable castors, if it has any A close-fitting mattress. The best all-seasons duvet Price when reviewed:

When to give your child a pillow There are various schools of thought on when it is first safe for a child to sleep with a pillow. We recommend that babies should be at least 12 months of age before being allowed a pillow and, more commonly, that you wait until the child has moved from a cot to a bed before introducing a pillow — normally around 18 months of age.

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  • The reason many parents choose to wait longer to give their child a pillow is simply that they sleep well without one. Indications that your child might be ready for a pillow can include: A good comfort check is to press down on the pillow, then ensure it returns to its original shape — if not, it is too soft and could present a risk of suffocation.

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  • Allergies are known to develop during childhood, so many parents choose to obviate such risks by buying anti-allergy pillows and duvets for their children from day one.



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