dark wood baby cots Dark wood baby cots
dark wood baby cots Dark wood baby cots

Welcome to Dream Furniture Online Store! Congratulations you are expecting a baby or are already proud parents! Whether you decide to visit our beautiful showroom or prefer to order online, we aim to create a personal, helpful, individual, service driven shopping experience for all our clients.

Have no fear, you are in very capable hands.

In addition, the bed can be converted easily and simply in a bed in a normal adult bed. Fear not as here at the Baby Cot Shop we have compiled this handy post that will guide you through picking out your perfect luxury baby cot. My boyfriend felt like white was more for girls and we are having a baby boy.

We have done this for almost 2 decades! We have some top tips to help you get started and feel in control: Please feel free to visit our testimonial page. If you are expecting, we recommend ordering your nursery items no later than month 5 of your pregnancy because orders take up to 8 weeks for delivery and the closer you get to your due date the more anxious you will become.

Husbands and partners, nightmares are a real thing for your wife if the nursery is not done.

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Measure your space so that you know exactly what can fit and what cannot. NB Our aim is to please - If our standard time frame does not suite you, please feel free to contact us to arrange a quicker time frame if urgent.

We are very proud of our quality.

Whether you like it or not, your baby is going to experience the joys or lack of teething. If parts of your cot break or stop working, always take it back to the supplier to organise repairs. Use these blankets to cover your baby while sleeping or when rocking your baby to sleep.

We are happy to confirm that we have crossed every t and dotted every I in this department: There was a serious gap in the market for this service — I wanted a complete concept that took me from start to finish — no running around matching colours and designs at separate suppliers.

Coming out of corporate I decided to source what I could at the time and make it work. We started off in my garage for 2 years.

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  • We then moved into a tiny showroom in an office park where we remained for 11 years which was fine to allow mom duty at the time. We have a full offering of A — Z for baby and kids bedrooms.

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  • We are incredibly proud of our ranges- so much passion, thought and effort has gone into each and every item to ensure it meets our quality and aesthetic standards. It is now time to expand again and have decided to go the route of the online store so that we can still control the quality and service our clients are accustomed to receiving.

    dark wood baby cots Dark wood baby cots

    We are honoured to be trusted to assist you on your very special journey too!



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