baby cot for twins Baby cot for twins

So, I was trying to avoid the use of Moses baskets as I had it in my head that they last for such a short time and then you're sort of stuck with them afterwards as no one would really want them second hand. We ordered a travel cot to use downstairs for daytime napping and 2 cot beds for upstairs.

This could be inconvenient because the crib has non-standard dimensions. They still shared the pack n play for naps upstairs until we hit a rough patch at 3 months adjusted.

But now that we're putting it all together, it seems that the cotbed may be just a bit too big to fit in our bedroom. I just need some help deciding on the options we have for upstairs sleeping: Put the babies in one cotbed together in the nursery and I can sleep in there with them on a single bed.

baby cot for twins Baby cot for twins

Rent a co-sleeping cot that will fit onto our double bed in our bedroom. It is provided with a new mattress.

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  • I think we'd get 4 months out of it if both are in it. We can return the cotbed once we're finished with it, so no need to find a new home for it.

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  • Get 2 Moses baskets that should fit in the bedroom with us if we put one at side of bed and one at foot of bed. I have heard that you might only get a few weeks out of Moses baskets depending on how big the babies are, which is kind of why I was avoiding them. My local Aldi still has a couple in stock.

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  • Due to space restrictions however we are now having moses baskets as we were going to top and tale in a cot bed to begin with but not enough space.

    We are now having the moses baskets side by side at my side of the bed. We are also lucky that a couple of friends had finished with their moses baskets so we have them and have just brought new bedding and mattresses for them.

    One-month sleep logs were completed by 56 families, four families joined the study after the first month, and 50 families completed the three-month sleep logs. Our Flopsy Mopsy Cot Bedding with embroidered bunnies come in pink or blue.

    Think they should be ok for three months and hopfully by end of that time we will be in a bigger property. Their are alot of people here that ask for them on buy and sell sites and free cycle. I feel a bit mean for separating as I have read a few things about them sleeping in same for to begin with.

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    That and choosing a pram have almost driven us to distraction. I also think my nesting instinct is kicking in even more so now and I'm really cleaning everything 1 like.



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