baby cot designs Baby cot designs

As a designer I have been designing contemporary furniture for more than 20 years, but was just when my son Nicholas Nico was born that I understood what was needed to create a perfect and functional space for children. I was frustrated as many contemporary parents who are looking for but are unable to find sophisticated design.

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  • The Nico cot has been created to provide a safe place for babies. Given the technology and materials the cot is soft to touch, easy to keep hygienically clean and will not splinter. Beautiful shape and a offer of five different colors.

    The cot meets Australian standard cots for household use , and its been designed according with European and American standards.

    baby cot designs Baby cot designs

    The cot can be transformed into a toddler bed. This is a cot with a double position for the mattress. First top position from newborn and until the baby can sit up 5 months.

    Make sure you integrate it smartly so that plants benefit of what they need water, light. Together and at the same time each with their own space. Romantic Porch Swing Seat Well, for this baby crib remodel you need more than a creative morning and a bunch of utensils.

    Lower position of the mattress from 5 months up to 2 years old, then it is possible to change the side of the cot for an open side to use as a toddler bed, up to 4 to 5 years old. The project started in September in Sydney Australia and introduced in to the Australian market in the Pregnancy Babies and Children expo in May This is the first time that LLDPE low linear density polyethylene has been use to manufacture a baby cot.

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    After market research and designing other nursery collections, we found the necessity to develop a product that can be suitable not just for a local market like Australia. We found the limitations in possibilities for shape using the most common material used to manufacture baby furniture such as wood, and some concerns about safety, such as paints or wood treatment.

    Follow these tips to keep your baby comfortable without overheating: For the same reason, always remember to close drawers.

    As a result we have designed a cot manufactured in a safe new and different material that provides flexibility in shape. The cot must meet Australian , European and American standards for safety.

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  • The solution must be environmentally friendly. The most challenging part was to achieve a stable process during production. The cot is a combination of 4 different parts combined in different quantities and assemblies.

    The challenge is to get the precision in the manufacturing for a final result. Rotomoulding manages big tolerances during the process and this is something we were in the need to find a solution.



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