cot attached to bed for baby Cot attached to bed for baby

I remember reading it and laughing. What a thing to write? We just did what everyone else does. Moses basket in the bedroom, cot bed in the nursery. But the nights are challenge. Some weeks are better than others, but there were days that I felt truly exhausted after continuous disturbed sleep.

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My back ached from lifting Ollie in and out of his Moses basket trying not to wake him. I sat at the side of the bed nursing him, trying hard not to fall asleep.

Ridiculously, on the nights he did eventually sleep for a longer stretch, I found myself getting out of bed to peer into his crib, checking on him. I just wanted to see him, to hear him breathing and to know that he was safe and sound. It turns out that many babies, mine included, rest much much better when they are close to their mummy. From the moment they enter the world, they need us. They need our smell, our touch, our warmth.

Can only be used for about 6 months before baby outgrows the weight guidelines. If you plan to move the cot frequently, then it's a good idea to get them.

He would regularly start to cry as I walked away from the basket. I completely underestimated the bond I would feel to Ollie. All those hours spent staring at him sleeping, just watching him dream. I longed to bring Ollie into bed with us.

cot attached to bed for baby Cot attached to bed for baby

I could nurse him laying down, keep a close eye on him. We tried hard to help Ollie settle in his crib next to us, but 4 months in, we were still challenged. The SnuzPod is a beautiful quality piece of furniture. It took about 40minutes to build. I love the mesh panel too, you can see straight into the crib without having to stand up and peer in.

We were given the SnuzPod when Ollie was 4months old. The SnuzPod can be used in three ways. As a free standing crib, as a bassinet or attached to the side of your own bed. The bassinet lifts off the stand really easily. When the crib is freestanding you can gently rock it. Ollie loved being rocked when he was tiny.

This would be perfect for a newborn. The free standing crib would also be a great way to transition your baby into their own room. It would be quite a shock to move straight from sleeping next to mummy every night to a big cot alone in a room.

The stand alone could be used make that transition smoother. This is what really makes the difference. It allows you to sleep next to your baby, with the reassurance that they are safe in their own sleeping space, as advised by The Lullaby Trust.

You can attach the SnuzPod directly to the bed with hidden white straps. Ollie wakes noticeably less and settles down much faster since we began using it.

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  • Nursing him in the night is so much easier. I just gently pull him towards me and feed him laying down. Then slide him back onto his SnuzPod. If breastfeeding is important to you then this will undoubtably help to make those early days more comfortable. The best thing for me however, is the closeness you get from the SnuzPod.

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  • Sleeping face to face, hearing him breathing is one of the most wonderful and precious feelings in the world. These newborn days whizz by so quickly, and the moments spent watching him sleep, a hand on his chest hearing his little heart beating.

    Nothing compares to that. If we are lucky enough to be blessed with another baby, we will definitely be using the SnuzPod from day one.

    While it's lovely that there are endless options out there to suit every interior's style and budget, figuring out which baby beds will work for you and which ones will be the best value can be tricky — and that's before you've even started to think about what goes inside the bed. Like anything, there are slight drawbacks.



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