baby cot bed nz Baby cot bed nz
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  • Services and support for you and your child Keeping baby safe in bed: Many of these deaths can be prevented. Help to keep your baby safe in bed by: Make every sleep a safe sleep Sudden unexpected death is a risk to babies until they are about 12 months old, but most deaths can be prevented.

    baby cot bed nz Baby cot bed nz

    There are things that we can do to protect our babies. Although for some babies the cause of death is never found, most deaths happen when the babies are sleeping in an unsafe way.

    The Caravan cot is completely environmentally friendly using sustainable harvested lumber. Linens I also suggest having four fitted sheets, because I work on the principle of having one on the cot, one in the cupboard, one in the wash and one drying on the line.

    Always follow these safe-sleep routines. Make sure that your baby is safe To keep your baby safe while sleeping, make sure: You can check that your baby is warm but not too hot by feeling the back of their neck or their tummy under the clothes.

    Baby should feel warm, but not hot or cold. Your baby will be comfortable when their hands and feet are a bit colder than their body.

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    If you are out somewhere, or if you are sleeping with your baby, make sure that they have their own safe place to sleep.

    It is never safe to put your baby to sleep in an adult bed, on a couch or a chair or in their car seat. Your baby may begin to roll over from their back to their front when they get to 5—6 months old. The spaces between the bars of the cot must be between 50 mm and 95 mm — try to make the spaces closer to 50 mm if you can.

    baby cot bed nz Baby cot bed nz

    If you have a cot with adjustable levels, make sure that you lower it before your baby can pull themselves up at about 9—10 months. The cords for blinds and curtains are a danger. Car seats protect your baby when travelling in the car.

    Checklist and features to consider when buying a new bassinet Are the wheels lockable? Some other options for blacking out windows are a cassette system with side guides, or roller blackout blinds. Information on carrying out a product recall is available from the Consumer Protection website.

    If you are on a low income, you may be able to receive a Special Needs Grant from Work and Income to buy a bed. See the Work and Income website or call

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