baby cot bed for twins Baby cot bed for twins

Instead, make the room safe by removing items or clutter she can trip on in the middle of the night. Clear the pathway to the door in case she tries to open it.

At the same time, keep the room comfortable and calm.

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  • You might want to remove any battery toys that light up or make sounds. Now that she has access to them, she might play with or even step on them by accident. Use a night light My eldest felt scared transitioning to a toddler bed because of his fear of the dark.

    That may even be why he tried to climb out in the first place. She might roam, and better for her to do so without tripping or bumping on anything. You encouraged her with positive words and even bought her a new blanket.

    What if, despite all that, she has a meltdown?

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  • You can imagine how relieved we were for not to go through that twice with our twins. But think of it this way: Our eldest had reached the age where he could turn the knob to open the door. We put safety locks like these on the inside of his room. Other parents said they used a baby gate as another option. Check in every few minutes If your child is still crying when you close the door to the room, set your timer for five minutes.

    When it goes off, open the door and walk her back to bed and tuck her in. Then walk out and close the door. Keep this and all interactions subdued and minimal. Then, set your timer for 10 minutes, and do the same thing. And repeat at 15 minutes again until she finally falls asleep. Instead, walk her to her room and tuck her in each time. Then, reassure her that all is well and her bed is a warm and safe place to sleep.

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    Or, find a happy medium by sitting next to her bed on the floor while she sleeps in her bed. If she wakes up the next morning, congratulate her for having gone through a huge change. Yes, even if you hardly slept. No sitting next to him, no yanking on the doorknob.

    baby cot bed for twins Baby cot bed for twins

    He slept the whole night in his bed, safe and snug. Your child may be the same or completely different, like my twins.

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  • With them, they had the added benefit of not being alone in the room, which helped them feel less scared. They also saw from day one their big brother sleeping in a big boy bed and knew the transition was a normal one.

    Whether your child is eager or scared, going from crib to toddler bed is a big one they all make. No longer are they the little baby you laid in the crib but are now big kids, complete with their big kid beds. Learn how to help kids wake up happier with my ebook, No Cranky Naps!

    Uncover the reasons kids wake up cranky and learn how to equip your child with the tools to cope with big feelings. Rest assured, this ebook has been priceless for hundreds of parents who really needed a break from those post-nap tantrums. Grab your copy below: Tell me in the comments: How did you handle the transition from crib to toddler bed?

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    The Pack 'n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet accommodates two babies in a convenient solution until they reach 15lbs. Describing the deaths as a "dreadful accident", he added: Full dimensions for the baby crib are:

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    baby cot bed for twins Baby cot bed for twins

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